Best time to visit Laos

Cycling in Laos 2024-2025

A bike journey may be the best way to explore all the beautiful details and hidden gems of Laos

Best time: October–April


Laos is a country of incredible vistas, ancient monuments, and very friendly people. To experience this without depending on the bus schedule or tourist agency agendas, you should try cycling.

Country roads are mostly comfortable for riding, as it doesn't have the traffic of the larger cities. However, being in good physical shape is certainly a good idea as the territory is mountainous and the elevation changes may be challenging. Most bikers head to Northern Laos to include key tourist spots, such as Vang Vien and Luang Prabang. It is also possible to visit ethnic villages in the northern mountains. South Laos can also provide a great experience with the Bolaven Plateau, coffee plantations, and steep waterfalls.

Tourists can bring their ​bikes for long trips or rent in the larger cities. Those planning a long-term journey should look for guesthouses or homestays as camping isn't very developed in Laos.

Cycling across Laos is best suited for the dry period as the roads are more accessible and less dangerous.

Practical info

When is the best time of year to go cycling in Laos?

Cycling is favorable in Laos from October to April, which is the dry season. This period offers cooler weather, low humidity, safer and accessible roads. The wet season is not recommended from May to September due to heavy rainfall and the risk of flash floods. Be well-prepared for either season with protective clothing and ample hydration. Show more

What are some recommended cycling routes in Northern Laos?

Northern Laos attracts tourists and cyclists with stunning routes and significant landmarks, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Louangphabang, Vang Vieng, Muang Ngoi, Nam Ou River, and the picturesque Mekong River route. The towns are well-marked with English signs, making navigation easier. Cyclists may experience the scenic beauty of natural surroundings in Northern Laos. Show more

What are some must-visit destinations for cyclists in South Laos?

The popularity of South Laos is rising, and cyclists should visit the Bolaven Plateau, known for serene coffee plantations and stunning waterfalls, the 4,000 Islands Area for relaxation and refreshing swims, and the scenic hilly route of Attapeu and Sekong provinces for the ethnic cultures. South Laos offers unforgettable scenic views and cultural immersion for cyclists. Show more

Are there any risks or challenges in cycling across Laos?

A cycling trip across Laos could be demanding and rewarding depending on the experience and preparation level of the rider. The rugged terrain may be challenging for novice riders with potholed roads, sharp curves, and steep mountain paths. The harsh climate conditions demand protective clothing, extensive hydration, sunscreen, regular map checks, and ensuring to have a first-aid kit is essential. Show more

What are some recommended options for accommodation during long cycling trips?

Laos offers diverse accommodation options, with homestays and guesthouses being popular choices for long cycling trips. Homestays are comfortable and budget-friendly accommodations often run by local families. A cyclist may enjoy healthy meals, clean lodging, and a cultural exchange with locals who can guide with travel tips and insights into local customs and culture. Show more

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