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Best time to visit Provence & French Riviera

Mountain Biking

Provence is blessed with hundreds of kilometres of world-class mountain bike trails


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The hills, mountains, and rocky valleys of Provence attract mountain bikers from around the world. Aside from the beautiful landscape and great biking routes the region has a climate that makes it almost a year-round destination for mountain biking. The high mountains with cool temperatures are perfect in summer and the lower hills are great in winter. In Prove​nce you'll also find both steep, rocky places for extreme riders and more gradual routes for beginners. Among the best biking destinations in the region are the area around Nice with its wonderful views of the sea, Haute Roya, Drailles et Bancaus du Verdon, Hyères, Le Grand Site Sainte-Victoire with kilometres of cross-country routes and, of course, the Colorado Provencal which is famous for being the home of freeriding and amazing red rock formations, dusty tracks with jumps, drop-offs, and berms.

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