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What pops into your head when you hear Romania? Definitely –Dracula, Transylvania, and vampires... ​

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Bran Castle and his former owner Count Vlad Dracula is the most prominent landmark of the country. He was a three-time Voivode of Wallachia, ruling in 1450s and was nicknamed the Impaler for his favourite method of execution. Bram Stoker got inspired by his reputation and depicted Dracula in his novel about vampires.

Numerous tour operators offer 4 to 10-day spine-tingling adventurous trips to the dark castle shrouded with countless legends. Though not all of them are actually myths—come and find on your own what is true and what's fake. The tours run throughout the year, but the best time and the most appropriate atmosphere for this activity is undoubtedly Halloween. If you have to choose between winter and summer time, the latter offers better conditions for hiking—thus the period between April and November is most favourable.

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