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Dracula Tour in Romania

What pops into your head when you hear Romania? Definitely –Dracula, Transylvania, and vampires... ​

Best time: April–November

Dracula Tour
Dracula Tour
Dracula Tour
Dracula Tour

Bran Castle is the most prominent landmark in the country. His former owner Count Vlad was a three-time Voivode of Wallachia, ruling in the 1450s, and was nicknamed the Impaler for his favorite method of execution. Bram Stoker, an Irish author, got inspired by his reputation and depicted Dracula in his novel about vampires. Numerous tour operators offer 4 to 10-day spine-tingling adventurous trips to the dark castle shrouded with countless legends. Though not all of them are actually myths—come and find on your own what is true and what's fake.

The tours run throughout the year, but the best time and the most appropriate atmosphere for this activity is undoubtedly Halloween. In fact, Bran Castle is the most popular place to celebrate Halloween in Romania. During the spooky season, it traditionally hosts Halloween tours that include costume parties and other fun.

If you have to choose between winter and summer time, the latter offers better conditions for hiking—thus the period between April and November is most favourable.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Bran Castle in Romania?

The most favorable periods to visit Romania's Bran Castle are from April to November when weather is suitable for exploring the ancient fortress walls, tower, and surrounding regions. Engage in outdoor activities such as hiking and sightseeing and visit various exhibits concerning the legend of Dracula. Discover the castle's history and immerse yourself in the fascination of this gothic site. Show more

What does Bran Castle offer during Halloween season?

Bran Castle offers Halloween tours that can be a thrilling experience for those seeking an adventure. Enjoy spooky games, costumes, and themed refreshments in the castle's well-adorned environment and immerse yourself in the gory past and fascinating history of the castle. Explore the site during the much-awaited Halloween night and join the staff who dress up in Halloween costumes, ready to welcome guests and accompany them during the tour. Be prepared for a memorable time. Show more

Where else in Romania can you visit associated with Count Vlad ?

Several locations in Romania offer connections to Count Vlad and can provide visitors with additional perspectives on Dracula's legend. Poenari Fortress, Vlad's actual fortress, is a perfect example, with the breathtaking ruins perfectly preserved over the years. Sighisoara City, Vlad's birthplace, and Snagov Monastery, where he was buried, are also significant tourist sites. Targoviste City is ideal for those interested in administrative activities associated with Vlad. Take a Dracula Tour and explore all these must-see locations with a professional guide t o ensure an excellent learning experience. Show more

What other activities are available during Dracula Tours?

Dracula Tours are more than just exploring the Dracula Legend and tracing it back to its origins. With hiking, outdoor activities, and exploring historical sites like Bran Castle, visitors can experience the countryside and enjoy the local cuisine, which emulates a mix of Ottoman Empire, German and French dishes. Visitors can create a vampire-like atmosphere by participating in Bram Stoker's novel scene reenactments and dressing up in vampire costumes; it is an opportunity for fans of the legend to create their unique versions of this adventure. Show more

How long do typical Dracula Tours last?

Dracula Tours have varying durations, depending on the travelers' preferred itinerary. Tours can last between 4 to 10 days, with most tours taking around seven days to explore the significant counts Vlad's associated sites. Professional guides provide insight into the historical contexts of each site, visitors can customize their tours depending on hotel packages, budget, and group size. Additionally, expect seminars and books that provide a perspective on Vlad's life and the Dracula legend's history. Hotel stays normally come with complimentary breakfast. Show more

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