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Beach Season in Santorini

Santorini is a perfect summer destination, due to its beautiful scenery and wonderful crystal clear sea waters

Beach Season
Beach Season

Santorini boasts unique beaches due to its volcanic soils. There are black and red beaches among others in Santorini. The most famous and considered best are the Kamari Beach, that is family friendly and organized with plenty of restaurants and hotels alongside place; Perissa and Perivolos beaches that are basically continuing one another; Red Beach that has most spectacular red pebble and superb scenery; Monolithos - a really kids-friendly beach and one of the few where you can build the sandcastles; and finally the Amoudi Bay that is definitely offering the best swim, but does not have a good beach. However, there are plenty of secret beaches that are yet to be discovered. So put on sunglasses, a hat and lots of sunscreen, and take a hike around the island to find some new perfect spots to enjoy the sun.

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What are some recommended beaches in Santorini?

Santorini offers unique beaches with black or red volcanic sand, clear waters, and breathtaking views. Kamari Beach is great for families, with many restaurants, hotels and ample activities. Perissa and Perivolos beaches are perfect for water sports enthusiasts. Monolithos beach boasts shallow, sandy shores suitable for kids. The Red Beach impresses visitors with its striking red pebble landscape. For crystal clear waters, head to Amoudi Bay, though it doesn't have an actual beach. Show more

Where can families find suitable beaches in Santorini?

Santorini has several family-friendly options. Monolithos, Perissa, and Kamari beaches are safe and shallow, perfect for swimming and have lifeguards. Visitors can rent loungers, parasols, and changing facilities in most of the beaches. Children can participate in water activities, such as snorkeling. Santorini's climate offers mild waves and weather, making it ideal for kids, relaxation or for visitors to chill. Show more

When is the best time to hit Santorini's beaches?

Santorini's beach season runs from April to October. Temperatures are favorable to take a dip or sunbathe during those months. Note that the weather changes often, and visitors should check the forecasts regularly. To avoid crowds, travelers could book their stay in off-peak months but should expect few beach activities during that time. The high temperatures and sunshine make peak season visits the ideal time to enjoy the beaches before tourist season ends. Show more

What are some beaches in Santorini with unique volcanic landscapes?

Beachgoers visiting Santorini can witness the island's unique volcanic soils. Kamari and Perissa Beach have dark sand due to the volcanic soil. Red Beach is located next to a mountain and composed of striking red pebbles. Vlychada Beach has beautiful volcanic rock structures, giving it a lunar-like environment. Exploring the island can reveal fantastic hidden beaches with a volcanic atmosphere and clear blue waters with a striking view. Show more

What are some hidden beaches to explore in Santorini?

Santorini has some unique beaches worth the trip. The secluded Agios Georgios is near Oia town. White beach is hard to access and requires a boat ride. However, the striking reddish sand and beautiful blue waters make it well worth the trip. Eros beach and Katharos beach are peaceful locations that serve as relaxation spots featuring breathtaking surroundings. Visitors should have a map to locate these hidden gems since they are unknown to most people. Show more

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