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Best time to visit Santorini

Beach Season

Santorini is a perfect summer destination, due to its beautiful scenery and wonderful crystal clear sea waters


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Santorini boasts unique beaches due to its volcanic soils. There are black and red beaches among others in Santorini. The most famous and considered best are the Kamari Beach, that is family friendly and organized with plenty of restaurants and hotels alongside place; Perissa and Perivolos beaches that are basically continuing one another; Red Beach that has most spectacular red pebble and superb scenery; Monolithos - a really kids-friendly beach and one of the few where you can build the sandcastles; and finally the Amoudi Bay that is definitely offering the best swim, but does not have a good beach. However, there are plenty of secret beaches that are yet to be discovered. So put on sunglasses, a hat and lots of sunscreen, and take a hike around the island to find some new perfect spots to enjoy the sun.

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