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Rainforest Ziplining in Alaska 2024

Fly above the tallest trees of Alaska and enjoy breathtaking views from a unique angle

Best time: May–September

Rainforest Ziplining

One more popular summer activity in Alaska is ziplining. Such speedy tracks are arranged in old rainforests, such as in Ketchikan or Tongass National Forest near Juneau, surrounded by high misty mountains. Enjoy the tall evergreen spruces, hemlocks, and cedars, eagles flying below you, and listen to the wild nature and fill your lungs with the fresh pine scent! Ziplines in Alaska run at least 40 m above the forest floor, so this activity is not for those who are afraid of heights. But these views are not to be missed! They are a great prize for overco​ming your fear. ​

Practical info

When is the best time to go ziplining in Alaska?

The ideal time for ziplining in Alaska occurs annually from May through September during peak tourist season when weather conditions are optimal for outdoor activities. Explore breathtaking views of wild nature and other wildlife species in rainforests such as Tongass National Forest near Juneau or Ketchikan. Enjoy this unique experience in Alaska's mountains featuring an adventure with the most beautiful sceneries while flying from one platform to another. Show more

Where are the ziplining tracks located in Alaska?

Experience ziplining in Alaska's old rainforest featuring high misty mountains, tall evergreen spruces, hemlocks, and cedars. These beautiful sceneries and wildlife provide a unique experience for the adventurous and curious zipliners. Seek adventure as you explore the adventurous beauty of the rainforest particularly in Ketchikan or Tongass National Forest near Juneau. Show more

What is the minimum height requirement for ziplining in Alaska?

Participants in ziplining in Alaska must weigh between 75 pounds to a maximum of 250 pounds. Additionally, riders must be at least 48 inches tall. To avoid any complications, it is highly recommended to inquire with the zipline company before visiting to gather more information regarding age limit, restrictions, and other requirements. Certainly, not all people are physically qualified and safe to partake. Show more

Are there any safety measures in place during the ziplining activity?

Zipline companies in Alaska always ensure the safety of their clients by providing necessary protective gear such as helmets and strong harnesses before going on any adventure activities including ziplining. For the safety of riders, guides offer a detailed instruction on how to use the gear and give both general and specific directions on safety procedures. Visitors can pause and relax on even spaced platforms provided throughout the course and capture the mesmerizing views of the forest. Show more

Can multiple people ride on the same zipline at once?

For safety reasons, one person is permitted on the zipline at any given time. It is possible to execute back-to-back tours if someone desires to share the experience with a friend or relative. Zip tour operators set up tours through the forest that include multiple ziplines in a row, allowing groups to take pleasure in the thrill of ziplining together. Indeed, safety is a top priority during these tours. Show more

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