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Turrón has confidently passed through centuries, using the traditional ingredients of the Moors: almonds, honey, egg yolks and sugar

Best time: early December–early January


Turrón is the most famous Spanish candy. The Moors produced a delicious variation of their own halva candy that combines Spain's Marcona almonds with wildflower honey found in the mountains near Jijona, just a few kilometres North of Alicante. Today, Jijona remains the turrón capital of the world and the candy has become famous worldwide.

There are two basic types of turrón: a soft, smooth version, called Jijona, and the hard Alicante turrón, which contains pieces of almond. This is something that the region is very proud of, so proud that you can find a Turrón museum only 3 km from the city of Jijona. Here, you can observe and learn how the popular candy is produced.

Imagine the festive and warm spirit around the cozy holiday season with many tasty dishes on the table. It's hard to imagine all of this without turrón on the table. Although you can sample it year round, the main season for turrón is Christmas. The festive season in Spain starts on the Day of the Immaculate Conception on December 8th, and ends with the Epiphany on January 6th.

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