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Best time to visit Bolivia

Сycling and Motorbiking

There's no better way to enjoy the scenery of Bolivia than on two wheels!


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Imagine yourself traveling across scenic Bolivia on a bike or motorbike! Surely the most romantic way to discover the country which boasts so many spectacular routes. Try the so-called Death Road winding down in the Bolivian Andes from La Pas to Coroico, labeled the most perilous road in the world. Another bike route lies through Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world, also named "the biggest mirror of God." Popular biking areas also include Titicaca, Oruro, and Villazon which are best accessible during the dry season. One of the most popular motorbike tracks winds from Uyuni, across Sur Lipez, Salar de Ayuni, Sabaya, Sajama, touches the Chilean border—namely Quebrada Allane, and finishes in the mountainous La Paz back in Bolivia. The route can be traversed in 5 weeks, and the unique experience will be difficult to forget. One can make use of a range of operators offering motorbikes for rent and with good info on interesting routes. The best season is the dry winter stretching from May through October. The negative factors to consider are low temperatures on the Andes' Altiplano plateau, especially at night, and also stro​ng winds.

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