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Mayan Jungles

Snorkelling, ziplining, horseback riding, boating, and other fun in the jungle—an action-packed weekend​ is guaranteed


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The Mayan jungle is like an amusement park, yet better, for this park is nestled in a vibrant natural environment. Cancun's forest and coastal jungles promise lots of fun in virtually at one place. Here one can observe tropical wildlife, explore jungle trails on a bicycle or a horse, go caving, snorkel in limestone sinkholes named cenotes, or snorkel in an underground river. Ancient Mayan sightseeing, jet boating, ziplining, and sky cycling are also included in Cancun jungle tours—​one just has to organise​ their time well to try everything within a weekend. It would be better to avoid the rainy season, so the best months to explore tropical lands is between December and May.​

Cenote-Ik Kil 2020
Cenote-Ik Kil

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