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Palouzes or Grape Jelly

One more good reason to visit Cyprus is to learn all the different recipes using grapes


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Mix approximately 10 kg of clean grapes with 1 kg of flour, rosewater, cinnamon, and mastic. Have some patience while stirring. Finally, you can start eating the warm jelly as some Cypriots do, or wait until it cools and serve it with crushed nuts. Now you know what palouzes is!

This dessert is very popular across Cyprus and some similar dishes can also be found in Armenia and Georgia. It also can be used to cook some other variations of delights like soujoukos or kiofterka.

The freshest palouzes can be found only during the grape harvest in autumn. It might be even more fun to visit grape harvest celebrations in the Troodos winegrowing area in September because their festivals are more about honouring palouzes than wine. Citizens of Vouni, Vasa, and Lofou gather around hot stoves in order to taste warm and soft grape jelly. Of course, new wine is also always present in excess during the celebration.

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