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Pacific Airshow 2024

Visit one of the USA's greatest airshows in Huntington Beach, LA

Dates: October 4–6, 2024

Pacific Airshow
Pacific Airshow
Pacific Airshow
Pacific Airshow

Pacific Airshow is a massive event taking place over the iconic white sand coast in Huntington Beach. One of the best air shows in the US, Pacific Airshow attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers every fall. Pacific Airshow is a military and civil aircraft showcase celebrating patriotism, technology, and courage while offering plenty of entertainment for people of all ages.

Schedule of the Airshow

The lineup of performers for the Pacific Airshow is poised to be the most impressive yet, featuring captivating displays from the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, F-22 Raptor Demo Team, and A-10 Demo Team! Airshow performances will take place from approximately 10:30 am to 4:30 pm daily. The working hours of the Airshow are 9 am to 4:30 pm.


Over the three-day weekend, attendees can expect thrilling aerobatic displays by top-notch demonstration teams from around the world, a thrilling boat race encircling Catalina Island, fantastic entertainment, opportunities to meet and greet beloved Airshow performers, and a plethora of other exciting activities. In addition to aerial displays, the Airshow offers live music, fun activities, and vendors. Food trucks & beverage stands are available at the Show Center and Huntington Beach Pier.

Location & Tickets

The action will happen at the Show Center in Huntington Beach, located across from The Waterfront Beach Resort on Pacific Coast Highway. Visitors can watch the show from waterfront hotels, the beach, or the water. It is possible to watch the show outside the ticket zone; however, ticketed options are available at the Show Center and Huntington Beach Pier.

General admission for a one-day ticket at the Show Center, located right on the water's edge, is $30 per person. A three-day pass costs $50. There are no reserved seats, so visitors are welcome to bring their chairs, blankets, tables, and umbrellas. On the iconic Huntington Beach Pier, a one-day pass ranges from $55 to $80, and a three-day pass is $150 per person. Here, the visitors will be able to sit on a pier, but the seats are unreserved. Premium passes are available at Southern Show Center starting at $249 per day. RV Camping Packages are available.

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