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Pozol, Tepache, and Tesguino

Besides tequila, expert Mexican brewers make perfect drinks from fermented corn dough, corn kernels, and pineapple skins

Pozol, Tepache, and Tesguino

Everyone associates Mexico with tequila, but it has much more interesting spirits to offer. Few people know Mexicans produce excellent fermented alcoholic drinks. Tepache is made from pineapple skins, brown sugar, and spices—an excellent alternative for pineapple rind which otherwise would simply go into the rubbish bin.

Tesguino is another light spirit based on slightly roasted corn kernels, yeast, and some spices as well.

Corn is also the source of one more drink called pozol, or pozolli. The name, in fact, refers to both fermented corn dough itself, and the spirit obtained from it. To make pozol Mexicans pour water into fermented dough, and often add some cocoa to the mixture. This drink stems from Pre-Colombian Mexico and is especially popular in southern states, namely Chiapas and Tabasco. The best season to try these celebrated drinks is summer.