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Mountain Biking around Lake Mead in Nevada

Experience the road from Las Vegas to Lake Mead by biking, a difficult but very exсiting route

Best time: October–April

Mountain Biking around Lake Mead
Mountain Biking around Lake Mead
Mountain Biking around Lake Mead
Mountain Biking around Lake Mead

Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States, located on the Colorado River, not far from Las Vegas. There are many picturesque bays with rocky shores and beautiful beaches, as well as a small botanical garden. Every year thousands of mountain bikers ride to Lake Mead. However, this is a difficult test being 65 km from Las Vegas. The road goes through a rocky desert area and numerous climbs.

The trail passes through the river mountains and includes side trails, for example, Bootleg Canyon. The most challenging part is the "Three Sisters" consisting of three consecutive slopes, each of which is more difficult than the previous one. However, after this site, the flat terrain starts. Cyclists must follow the established routes, along with country roads. Along the way, you can meet desert animals, such as turtles or bighorn sheep.

Although Mead Lake is an ideal place to escape the summer heat, the best time for mountain biking in this region is from October to April to avoid high summer temperatures.

Practical info

When is the best time to go mountain biking at Lake Mead?

Visiting Lake Mead for mountain biking is best done between October to April to avoid sweltering temperatures of 100°F or more. The cooler months provide a much more pleasant experience and comfortable ride during your trip. Show more

Where can you start and finish the biking trail towards Lake Mead?

The 65km long biking trail is connected to Las Vegas, beginning there and ending at Lake Mead. While en route, riders can expect rocky deserts, challenging climbs, and views of beautiful beaches and shores. Show more

What are some of the wildlife that can be seen while mountain biking at Lake Mead?

Turtles and bighorn sheep are just a couple of the various types of wildlife that mountain bikers can encounter while journeying through Lake Mead's biking trail. These creatures thrive in the trail's desert environment, making the riding experience all the more interesting and unforgettable. Show more

Is Bootleg Canyon the only side trail available on the way to Lake Mead?

Aside from the main trail, lake Mead trail, travelers heading towards Lake Mead from Las Vegas can explore other side trails. One of the notable trails is Bootleg Canyon, where highly skilled bikers can test themselves on the difficult terrain. These side routes offer a unique opportunity to see the surrounding scenery and can be explored by riders more easily. Show more

What makes the Three Sisters segment of the trail challenging?

The Three Sisters part of the biking trail offers the most challenging terrain. It involves three slopes that get progressively steeper, which requires careful consideration of speed, balance, control, and physical fitness from riders. However, conquering this section of the trail is worth the effort, as it offers an exhilarating and impressive view that is hard to forget. Show more

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