Best time to visit Tasmania

Tasmanian Beach Season

Enjoy the heat and quietness of Tasmanian top beaches

Best time: December–February

Tasmanian Beach Season
Tasmanian Beach Season
Tasmanian Beach Season

Get away from west winter at one of the lovely Tasmanian beaches. Tasmania has got something for all tastes. If you enjoy following the most crowdy tourist destinations, you'll love Bay of Fires, Scamander and Opossum Bay.

On the other hand, if you don't feel like having a lot of neighbours around and want to relax in private, pick one of the most secluded sea coasts. Try quaint Yellow Rock Beach or Whalebone Beach on King Island and White Horses Beach if you don't like to move around the island so much.

Practical info

What are the best months to visit Tasmanian beaches?

Tasmanian beaches are best visited during the summer months, from December through February when the warm weather and calm sea conditions offer ideal swimming, surfing and other water sports activities. During these peak tourism months, temperatures can reach up to 22°C. However, this is also when it can be crowded and expensive. Show more

Which beaches are the most crowded in Tasmania?

Popular beaches in Tasmania include Bay of Fires, Scamander, and Opossum Bay. These beaches attract many visitors each year, particularly during the peak summer tourism period, and offer numerous amenities such as restaurants, bars and other recreational activities. If you prefer the quieter path, there are alternative stunning hidden seclusions available in Tasmania Show more

Which beaches in Tasmania are perfect for privacy and relaxation?

Tasmania's Yellow Rock Beach, situated on the Tasman Peninsula, has several secluded spaces perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation with its white sand beaches and miles of shallow waters great for swimming and kayaking. Other secluded Tasmanian beaches are Whalebone Beach on King Island and White Horses Beach on the east coast of Flinders Island, both offering stunning views and beautiful blue waters. Show more

What activities can be enjoyed at Bay of Fires and Scamander?

Bay of Fires visitors can enjoy hiking on several trails around the area or surf at Cosy Corner. Fishing and climbing Mount William are other unique activities to engage. In Scamander, the beautiful sea kayaking tours, walking trails, fishing charters, boat trips, and pristine wilderness exploration are great options as well. Show more

What is the location of Yellow Rock Beach, Whalebone Beach, and White Horses Beach?

Tasmania's Yellow Rock Beach is found off the southeastern coast of the Tasman Peninsula near Hobart. White Horses Beach is on the Flinders Island east coast, while Whalebone Beach is situated on King Island's west coast. The three stunning beaches located in different areas offer great isolation and calm to visitors. Show more

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