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Atlanta Greek Festival 2022

A great celebration of Greek culture in the middle of Atlanta


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The annual Atlanta Greek Festival is one of the city's landmark ethnic festivals. It takes place every September at The Greek Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral at 2500 Clairmont Road, NE, in Atlanta. The festival features the Cathedral lecture tours, an "Agora" artisan market, lots of Greek music and dancing, rides and games for kids as well as tons of delicious Greek food.

The Atlanta Greek Festival features a live entertainment stage with award-winning dance troupes showcasing dances and costumes of parts of Greece—from the Kalamatianos to Tsamikos.

The Atlanta Greek Festival provides an excellent opportunity to experience legendary Greek hospitality without leaving Atlanta. Try delicious moussaka, baklava, spanakopita, souvlaki, gyros, hot loukoumades, kourabiedes, and other tasty treats—sample original Greek wines and cheeses. The Taste of Greece doesn't leave anyone hungry. The Greek Agora at the Hellenic Centre offers handcrafted pottery, apparel, jewelry, books, ceramics, woven cloth, beaded necklaces, and other handmade goods.

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