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Knossos Minoan Palace

Feel the real ancient atmosphere in the heart of Minoan civilization


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The Palace of Knossos is one of the most visited destinations located close to the capital of Crete—Heraklion. Indeed, the place was settled a long time ago, over 7,000 years to be more precise! The area is permeated with legends, myths, and different historical facts. It's a great place to visit for the lovers of history.

The best season for visiting the palace is during spring (April–May) or autumn (September–mid-October), as at that time it won't be as busy as in summer, and the temperatures are more comfortable. Winters would also do if not for short opening times—from mid-October through March the site closes in the afternoon (usually, at 3 pm). Regardless of the season, it's generally better to visit the palace early in the morning. It's also recommended to avoid the dates when cruise ships arrive in Heraklion.

There are lots of group tours, which provide a guide and transport. Anyway, you can always organize an independent visit using either public transport, a taxi or your own vehicle. While visiting the Palace of Knossos don't miss a chance to visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion and discover the capital of Crete.

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