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Great Plains Renaissance Festival 2023

Medieval entertainment and family-friendly fun in Wichita, Kansas

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Great Plains Renaissance Festival is a biannual event taking place at Sedgwick County Park every spring and fall. The popular family-friendly festival features plenty of themed entertainment: jousts, aerial acrobatics, falconry, fire breathing, Celtic music, the Kansas Authors Pavilion, and Highland Games. Wichita Highland Games is a special competition featuring disciplines like caber toss, hammer throw, weight over bar, sheaf toss, stone throw, and weight for distance.

The amazing lineup at Great Plains Renaissance Festival includes top performers, like OKC Archangels, a famous armored combat team engaging in full-contact armored jousts, rooted in historical traditions. Knights are wearing over eighty pounds of plated armor with real weapons of steel. Visitors can also meet hundreds of costumed characters, like jesters, pirates, kings and queens, artists, merchants, and fairies. Entertainment includes bagpipes, belly dancing, blacksmiths, fire breathing, live music, and the royal falconry.

Great Plains Renaissance Festival also features dozens of vendors, offering some of the best food and products, including medieval garments, swords, shields, artwork, glass, kilts, books, paintings, armor, musical instruments, kids' toys, and much more. Children can enjoy an array of activities, such as camel rides, face painting, and various games. The festival runs from 10 am to 6 pm.

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