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Red, White and Blue Airshow 2024

Spectacular aeronautic performances and static aircraft displays

Dates: May 3-5, 2024

Monroe, Louisiana, is gearing up for the return of the much-anticipated Red, White, and Blue Airshow, set to take place from May 3-5, 2024, at the Monroe Regional Airport. This event, known for its spectacular aerial displays and community spirit, promises to be a thrilling experience for aviation enthusiasts and families alike.


The Red, White and Blue Airshow is located in Monroe, Louisiana. For visitors without a car, public transportation options are limited, so it's recommended to use ride-sharing services or taxis from the nearest city to reach the event venue.

Airshow Highlights

The Airshow includes a unique "Twilight Show," blending traditional airshow performances with the evening's ambiance. This event features aircraft performing dynamic routines during the afternoon, transitioning into the evening with illuminated planes against the backdrop of the sunset and night sky, creating a visually stunning experience that highlights the beauty of flight in the changing light conditions.

Airshow Hours

The Red, White and Blue Airshow begins with gates opening at 9:00 am, allowing early access for visitors to enjoy static aircraft displays before the aerial performances start. The airshow activities continue throughout the day, concluding with the Twilight Show that starts at 5:30 pm, featuring illuminated aircraft performances during the evening.

Entry Fees

Ticket prices for the Red, White and Blue Airshow range from $15 to $25 for general admission, with children and military or first responders eligible for discounted rates. Preferred seating is priced at $60, offering prime viewing areas and amenities. VIP tickets vary, with some options at $125 and others at $250, providing exclusive benefits like private entry and meals. A three-day combo ticket is also available, with prices between $44 and $490, depending on the ticket type and age group.

Useful Tips

Visitors to the Airshow are advised to arrive early to find good seating, especially for popular acts and the Twilight Show. Bringing sunscreen, hats, and water is recommended due to the outdoor setting and potential for sun exposure. Ear protection is also a good idea, especially for children, due to the loud aircraft performances.

Aviation Heritage

The Red, White and Blue Airshow has a history of celebrating America's heroes, showcasing aerobatic performances, and honoring the nation's aviation heritage. This event highlights the community's connection to aviation history and patriotism, attracting aviation enthusiasts and families to experience the thrill of flight and the spirit of American ingenuity.

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