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Canopy Walks in Peninsular Malaysia

Explore Malaysia from the treetops


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If you wish to see the ground far underneath your legs and tree tops at eye level, Malaysian canopy walks will be tons of fun and perfect for you.

It is impossible to say for sure how many canopy walks there are in Malaysia, as each year new ones are being opened. Some are accessible foreveryone, others—only for customers of certain hotels or private accommodations.

The Sungai Sedim Tree Top Walk is the longest walk in the world, among those with dedicated structures. It is located in Kedah and its total length is 925 meters. This walk is a good one for nature lovers, as it runs through an old rainforest with rich flora and fauna.

The Taman Negara Canopy Walkway is also the longest of its kind. It is made from wood and ropes and stretches 510 meters. The ground is 40 meters below you, so the view is pretty thrilling and spectacular. In addition, the 600 species of fauna that inhabit Taman Negara can be seen all around.

Canopy walking is possible all year round, but windy and rainy weather can make it a bit dangerous, as steel stairs get slippery and wooden bridges start swaying. So try to make it during the dry season in January and February, or in summer.

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