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Açaí Berry

A local favorite in Rio tastes like chocolate and wild berries


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The Açaí berry is a super nutritious and healthy berry that grows in Brazil's rainforests. Furthermore, it's known to have an incredible amount of antioxidants. It looks like grape but is mostly comprised of a single seed. It has an exceptional taste that is described as a mix of chocolate and wild berries. The best way to eat it is fresh and raw.

This berry is a staple for the Caboclo populations in the Amazon region and has been harvested the same way for centuries—twice a year between July and December. Because of the low sugar, it has to be picked and processed very quickly or it will turn brown and lose​ its beneficial qualities. So if you want to try something that is delightful and​ healthy at the same time, visit Rio and find some fresh açaí berries.

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