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Cycling & Mountain Biking

Cycling routes running through Scottish mountains, glens, and lochs feature local wildlife and promise an unforgettable biking holiday


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It is rather difficult, if possible at all, to find cycling routes as good as Scotland's elsewhere in the world. One can cycle across the heart of the Highlands and explore centuries-old castles and other historical landmarks or pass through forests, valleys, and between mountains on the Great Glen Cycle Route from Fort William to Inverness. A bike trip across the Isle of Skye showcases both breathtaking landscapes including coastlines, mountains, and lochs as well as wonderful local wildlife. Also, the islands of Arran, Jura and Islan are great to explore on a bike. Rural areas around the biggest UK cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow offer equally good biking trails. Needless to say, there are also numerous national parks. Most biking tours run from late March to October.

Biking in Glen Affric 2020
Biking in Glen Affric
Biking in Cairngorms 2020
Biking in Cairngorms

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