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Badeschiff Bathing Season in Berlin

One of the best recreation areas during hot summers close to the center of Berlin

Best time: May–September

Badeschiff Bathing Season
Badeschiff Bathing Season

This floating swimming pool is kind of a harboured barge that functions as an open-air bath on the riverside. The location gives you a great panoramic view of the Spree river and the iconic TV tower. Besides bathing, the surrounding area offers summer recreational activities, so that everyone can find something fun to do.

During the summer, you can join yoga or standup paddling classes or just relax during a massage session. Besides that, there are regular music events and beach. The Badeschiff is an epitome of Berlin's urban culture and provides great entertainment for many residents all day long.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Badeschiff in Berlin?

The ideal time to visit Badeschiff in Berlin is during the summer season, that lasts from May until September. This is the time when guests can make the most out of the good weather and swim in the open-air pools. Furthermore, visitors can participate in various recreational activities, such as yoga and standup paddling classes, music events, and massages. The location has scenic views of the Spree river, and it is surrounded by a beach-like area, making it perfect for residents and tourists alike. Show more

Where is Badeschiff located in Berlin?

Badeschiff can be found in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg region of Berlin, placed on the river Spree. The specific location is Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin. Being so close to the center of Berlin, it is accessible by bike, on foot, or by public transportation. With a stunning panoramic view of the Spree river and the iconic TV tower, the location is perfect for relaxation and entertainment during summers, allowing tourists and residents to make the most out of it. Show more

What recreational activities are offered at Badeschiff during the summer?

Badeschiff provides an extensive list of recreational activities that visitors can enjoy during summers. For instance, there are yoga and standup paddling classes, along with massage sessions and music events. The surrounding beach area also offers games to visitors such as beach volleyball, table tennis, and basketball, making it the epitome of Berlin's urban culture. The location provides the best entertainment for residents and tourists alike, who can enjoy the area all day long. Show more

Can children visit Badeschiff and are there any specific activities for them?

Badeschiff is open for children's visits, and they can indulge in swimming and playing at the beach under adult supervision. The location provides security measures, ensuring the safety of children, such as allowing only close adult supervision for children under 10 years old who will be able to swim in the pools. Badeschiff also provides activities such as beach volleyball, basketball, and table tennis to keep older children entertained. Nevertheless, children are allowed in the space until 8 pm. Show more

Are there any food and refreshment options available at Badeschiff?

Visitors can satisfy food and drink needs at Badeschiff. The barge has both a bar and a snack bar, providing light snacks and refreshing drinks to guests. The snack bar offers a variety of food options such as ice cream, hotdogs, and other light treats, while the bar has both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Although visitors can bring their food and drinks, the containers should not be glass, and the products should be consumed on the premises. Show more

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