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Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire 2023

A fantasy world full of magic and immersive activities

Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire is an annual family-friendly event held at Warsaw Park in Ansonia over three weekends in June and July. Immerse in an interactive fantasy world with elves, fairies, orcs, goblins, animal-kin, dwarves, and other colorful characters! Every edition of Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire has a new storyline, located within an original Fantasy World created for the Faire. The action takes place in the fictional land of Cuulayne, ruled by Queen Erulisse. The interactive adventure promises excitement on every corner!

Held since 2011, the Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire features over 60 artisan vendors, a food court, and Flyppin Byrd Tavern with mead and beer. Entertainment includes over two dozen professional acts, like Daniel GreenWolf: Celtic Magician, Meadow Perry: Bubble Magician, Minstrel Dave, Taliesin Phoenix, The Pleiades Dance Show, and Foxy Bard.

The public can also enjoy the show by Not In The Face Productions, a fighting crew known for its story-driven melees and brilliant battles, as well as Phoenix Swords, a troupe of swords-people, famous for valiant battles, with deep knowledge of the history of weaponry. The faire runs from 11 am to 9 pm on Saturday and from 11 am to 6:30 pm on Sunday.

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