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Midnight Biking in Jerusalem

Discover Jerusalem without the traffic and crowds of tourists

Best time: all year round

This great activity definitely gives a new perspective on Jerusalem. When you cycle through the narrow streets and squares of the Old and New City during the night hours, you can feel the magic of the Israeli capital and take in its atmosphere without distractions such as noise, traffic, and tourist crowds. You can choose to cycle on your own or to take a guided tour. When you ride around the city with a guide, you will be able to hear stories of different neighbourhoods and have an opportunity to learn much more about Jerusalem.

The tour starts and ends in the same place in the Old City. You will pass through all of the legendary quarters that have made history. The tour lasts for two or three hours and is available for children over the age of 12 and adults that can cycle. Tours are offered all year round, however night cycling is especially rewarding in the summer time when sightseeing during the day is unbearable due to the heat.

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What are some of the advantages of taking part in the midnight biking tour in Jerusalem?

The midnight biking tour provides a unique way to explore Jerusalem while avoiding traffic, noise, and crowds. It is an opportunity to experience the city in a different way than traditional walking tours or sightseeing. With the option for a guided tour, visitors can learn more about different neighborhoods and hear stories that help bring the city to life. Participants can see both the Old and New City, taking in highlights and experiencing the magic of the city at night. Show more

What is the ideal season to participate in the midnight biking tour in Jerusalem?

While the midnight biking tours are available year-round, summer is the ideal season to participate in the tour. The hot temperatures during the day can make walking tours unbearable. However, cycling through the city at night can be refreshing, allowing visitors to see the city highlights without crowds or traffic. It is a chance to experience the city in a more intimate setting, with cooler temperatures and a unique atmosphere. Show more

What is the duration of the midnight biking tour in Jerusalem?

The duration of the midnight biking tour in Jerusalem is two to three hours, depending on whether visitors opt for independent cycling or go with a guide. If visitors opt for a guided tour, they can learn more about the city and its various neighborhoods. The pace of the tour is comfortable, allowing visitors to take in the scenery without feeling rushed. Independent riders can take however long they would like, provided the bikes are returned by the designated time. Show more

Where does the midnight biking tour in Jerusalem begin and end?

The midnight biking tour in Jerusalem begins and ends in the Old City. Participants will visit many different neighborhoods just as legendary as the Old City. Experiencing the narrow streets, squares, and beautiful city scenery at night is both unique and memorable. Those opting for a guided tour need to report to a designated meeting place to join the group for the experience. Show more

Is it possible for children to participate in the guided midnight biking tour in Jerusalem?

The guided midnight biking tour in Jerusalem is designed for adults, but children over 12 can come along if they can cycle. Younger children can participate in the independent tour but they must be able to bicycle safely. To accommodate younger children, senior riders offer aides or small bikes so they can be part of the group. Safety is of utmost importance, which is why children who can’t cycle or who might pose a hazard to the group are not allowed. Show more

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