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Beach Season in Mauritius 2024-2025

Mauritius is a beach paradise. No further explanation needed

Best time: November–January | April–May

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

The idyllic Mauritius island is almost entirely encircled by white sandy beaches, blue lagoons, and coral reefs making it a truly perfect destination for beach goers. Though it’s safe to say that all Mauritius beaches are perfect for bathing, swimming, and sightseeing, there are some really special ones that are worth your time.

The west coast’s Flic-en-Flac beach has quickly developed from a small village to a great tourist attraction due to its beauty and loveliness. Flic-en-Flac is the great place to spend the whole day—it has beautiful white sand, clear blue water, and incredibly colourful sunsets.

If you're an early bird, stunning sunrises accompanied by the refreshing waves can be found on the east coat’s Belle Mare Plage. If you’re looking for something quiet, little La Cuvette beach surrounded by trees is a great cosy play to relax far from the noisy crowd. For those looking for an authentic atmosphere, there’s Pereybere beach is really popular among locals.

The best time for a relaxing beach holiday is from November until January and from April until May—the weather is hot yet very pleasant due to the south-west trade winds.

Practical info

What are some noteworthy beaches to explore in Mauritius?

Some of the noteworthy beaches to explore in Mauritius are Flic-en-Flac, a beautiful beach surrounded by white sand and clear water, Pereybere beach, a local favorite, La Cuvette beach, a peaceful and quiet haven surrounded by trees, and Belle Mare Plage, which offers picturesque sunrise views and refreshing waves perfect for early birds. These stunning beaches are a must-visit for any traveler to Mauritius. Show more

When is the optimal time for a beach holiday in Mauritius?

The best time for a relaxing beach holiday in Mauritius is from November to January and April to May. These months offer hot yet enjoyable weather conditions, with south-west trade winds providing cool breezes perfect for beach activities. Keep in mind, these months attract a lot of tourists, so booking ahead is advisable to secure the perfect beach vacation. Show more

Where can I find some peaceful and serene beaches in Mauritius?

La Cuvette beach is an idyllic haven for those looking for a peaceful and relaxing time, enveloped by trees. In the southern region, Riambel beach is a quiet and hidden gem that is ideal for escaping from bustling crowds. Ile aux Cerfs is also worth a visit, accessible by boat and offering a secluded beach adventure. For a wilder experience, Saint Felix beach in the south is great for its rugged beauty and tranquility. Show more

What is the average temperature during the recommended time for a beach vacation in Mauritius?

The best time for a Mauritian beach holiday is between November to January and April to May, when temperatures range from 26-32 degrees Celsius, providing a hot yet pleasant beach climate. The south-west trade winds offer refreshing breezes, creating the perfect environment for a day in the sun. To keep healthy, it's recommended to wear sunscreen, keep hydrated and indulge in refreshing drinks or snacks available at local street food vendors like boulettes, samosas or Mauritius' famous Alouda! Show more

What authentic local experiences can I enjoy on the beaches of Mauritius?

The beaches in Mauritius offer a plethora of local and authentic experiences, starting with indulging in the traditional Alouda drink, a delight among tourists and locals alike. Another popular spot for locals is the Pereybere beach, famous for beach volleyball and making new friends. If you're looking for something exciting, try a traditional Mauritian sailboat or an underwater scooter with each providing a different and exhilarating way to experience local marine life. The beaches in Mauritius are perfect for a unique local experience. Show more

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