Best time to visit Taj Mahal and Agra

Cycling in Taj Mahal and Agra

Explore all the historical and culturally significant monuments of Agra by pedalling through its streets


Agra is a cycling city; more than 70% people use bicycles. So don't worry, cycling is safe in the city. Don't be scared of traffic, just follow your guide's instructions. Moreover, you can see the best of Agra and its surroundings. Agra is a city full of artefacts from the lost empires, colonial-era architecture from the British rule, and grand structures from the Mughal rulers.

Explore all the historical and culturally significant monuments of the city. Your trip will take you to rustic lanes and the laid-back markets of Agra, significant monuments such as the Agra Fort and Taj Mahal, and make your city travel memorable. Renting a bike you get helmet and other safety equipment. It's better to hire a guide who will help you to enjoy the local culture and food and share some insight into the secrets of this wonderful city. You can discover Agra by bicycle all year round but it's much more pleasant to do it in good weather.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Agra for cycling?

A cycling tour in Agra is best undertaken between the months of October and March due to the mild temperature and low humidity levels. The summer months are not recommended as the heat can be oppressive and pose a hazard to health. Cycling during the monsoon season between July to September is not recommended due to the heavy rains experienced during this period. Show more

Where are the significant monuments located in Agra?

One of the most famous monuments in Agra is the Agra Fort or Red Fort, which is located near the Yamuna River. The Taj Mahal, an iconic seven wonders of the world, is located south of the city on the right bank of Yamuna River. Other important monuments include the tomb of Itimad-uddaulah and Akbar's tomb located throughout the city. There are many more fascinating cultural landmarks that you can explore while cycling around Agra. Show more

What kind of safety equipment is provided along with bike rental?

Helmet is mandatory when cycling in India. While renting a bike in Agra, you will be provided with helmets and other safety equipment such as elbow and knee pads. Depending on your preference, you can either bring your own cycling gear or rent from the shop or agency where you hire the bike. Agra's bike rental shops provide safe cycling equipment to make sure that the customers have an unforgettable experience. Show more

Can a guide be hired for a cycling trip in Agra?

It is advisable to hire a guide for your cycling trip around Agra as they provide essential knowledge and insights about the city. They make it easier to navigate the city and are informative about hidden treasures, cultural and historical sites, and the local food scene. Guides can help you have a better cycling experience by introducing you to the city's hidden gems and can make your trip unforgettable. Show more

What unique cultural and culinary experiences can be expected on a cycling trip in Agra?

By exploring Agra on a cycling trip, you can discover the authentic essence of the city. You can delve into the local cuisine, interact with locals, and view their everyday life. Visit the local markets, try local sweets, and enjoy enticing dishes like spicy chaats. Agra is famous for its leather goods, carpets, and clothing, so you can shop while cycling through the beautiful rustic lanes and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Show more

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