Best time to visit Amsterdam

Biking in Amsterdam

There can't be any better way to discover the city labelled the cycling capital of Europe

Best time: May–October (all year round)


Amsterdam is known worldwide as European cycling capital. Today, bikes are totally integrated into the city's transportation system—locals seem to start cycling short after birth until the very death.

The best way to feel the vibe of the city is to rent a bike and discover it from a cyclist's perspective. Go away from the crowds, and you'll find a number of beautiful places.

Apart from the iconic canals, you'll reveal pretty backstreets, hidden churches, and secret courtyards. One of the richest areas is Jordaan. Some of the historical and cultural landmarks to check out are Anne Frank’s House, and Museum Square (Museumplein) with the famous Van Gogh Museum, Concertgebouw, and Rijksmuseum. Another place that shouldn't be missed out is Vondelpark praised as the urban oasis of Amsterdam.

You can explore Amsterdam alone at your own pace, or on a bike tour. Local operators offer both private and group tours, in the city itself as well as the countryside, all year round. Weather-wise, the best time for cycling around the city would be a period from May to October. Also, if you cycle on workdays, try to avoid rush hours from 8 to 9 am and from 5 to 6 pm.

Practical info

Where can I rent a bike in Amsterdam?

It is easy to find bike rental companies in Amsterdam at popular tourist areas or near train stations. MacBike, Yellow Bike, and Donkey Republic are some of the popular options. Rental prices range from €6-€15 per day. Bike rentals are also available in many hotels to their guests and don't forget to use the lock provided to secure your bike. Show more

When is the best time to go cycling in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam can be cycled at any time of year, however, May to October is the best period due to warm and dry weather. Mid-June to the middle of September is a peak tourist period, so if you want to avoid crowds you may want to cycle outside of these times, and while cycling on weekdays and outside of rush hours, it is more comfortable. Do wrap up in warm clothing in winter. Show more

What are some of the must-see landmarks in Amsterdam?

Anne Frank’s House is an impressive historical site that you must visit when cycling around Amsterdam. You can explore the landmarks such as Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Concertgebouw at Museumplein. Vondelpark, Jordaan, and the Royal Palace are other options to consider. Don't forget about the picturesque canals, which are perfect for cycling. Show more

Are there any traffic regulations I should be aware of when cycling in Amsterdam?

Cycling in Amsterdam can be challenging, so be aware of the traffic rules: use bike lanes when possible, and make sure to signal when turning. Cyclists always have right of way over pedestrians and cars. Tram tracks can be slippery in wet conditions, so stay alert when near them. You can be fined for cycling while using a mobile phone, so stay safe. Show more

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