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Sea Lion Pups

Check out these sea lions and their pups in Puerto Piramides!


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Sea lions pups can be spotted along the rocky reef of Valdes Peninsula. Unlike the adult Sea Lion, the pups are smaller and darker in colour. Little pups lie in the sun and doze. Female sea lions give birth to only one pup in January–February and continue to nurse till November.

When they grow up, they go to the sea in search of food. The further life of young sea lions takes place in bachelor herds until the animals become sexually mature.

Primarily sea lions feed on fish, molluscs, and crustaceans. They are perfect divers who can swim deep and hold their breath for a long time under the water. Sea lions have a streamlined, slender, and flexible body, a small head, and flattened flaky limbs. They communicate with each other with a variety of sounds.

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