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This extremely tasty homemade pastry is full of surprises for the holidays

Best time: late December

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Banitsa is perhaps the most famous dish in Bulgaria, which you can try on any corner of the country. This is an integral part of the holiday breakfast. There are many kinds of Banitsa: they differ in the type of filling and the type of dough processing. Traditional Banitsa is prepared with a feta-like white cheese (sirene) and puff pastry.

However, many housewives bake this Bulgarian pie with numerous fillings such as onions, cabbage, spinach, mushrooms, or pumpkin. For the New Year and Christmas in Bulgaria, it is customary to have a Banitsa on the table. During such holidays, the pie is usually baked with a surprise—New Year's wishes for the guests. Even more, before baking it in the oven, a housewife also puts a coin into the Banitsa to bring happiness in the coming year for whoever finds it.

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