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Swimming in the Moon Cave Pond in Cambodia

Grab your torch and pluck up your courage to explore mountain caves with amazing pools of water in Kampot Province

The limestone caves between Kampot city and Kampong Trach town are famous for exotic rock formations and Buddhist shrines hidden deep into the caverns. There is a variety of stalagmites and stalactites dating back to the 5th century AD and limestone formations in the shapes of elephants, which attract climbers from all over the world. Make sure you wear appropriate trekking shoes to explore one of the most fascinating natural wonders of Cambodia that is available in all seasons. However if you want to experience something special, try swimming in some of the water pools located inside the caves. They fill up with water in the middle of the wet season.​ Keep in mind that the name 'Moon cave' is not official, so some people might not know what exactly you are talking about.

Practical info

When is the water level in the caves in Kampot Province the highest?

You can visit the caves in Kampot Province any time of the year to explore the stunning limestone formations and shrines. However, the best months to see larger and deeper pools inside the caves are from July to October. The water level in the caves increases during this period, making it perfect for swimming in Moon Cave Pond and other locations. Expect to climb, trek, and walk through narrow and dark spaces while looking for hidden gems within the caves. Show more

What type of footwear should I wear while exploring the caves?

Wearing appropriate footwear with good grip is essential for walking on uneven and slippery surfaces inside the Kampot Province caves. Visitors should wear trekking shoes, water shoes, or sandals with straps that can protect the feet from sharp rocks and mud. It is also crucial to bring a headlamp or flashlight and enough water to stay hydrated. Visitors with mobility issues may find exploring the caves challenging. Show more

Are there any limestone formations inside the Kampot province caves?

The caves in Kampot Province boast of a wide range of limestone formations that have formed over thousands of years. These formations include stalagmites, stalactites, and various shapes such as elephants, snakes, and turtles that are fascinating to climbers worldwide. Visitors can explore this natural wonder and observe the intricate patterns, textures, and colors of the natural formations. Show more

Which locations within the caves enable visitors to go swimming?

The caves in Kampot Province feature water pools that are perfect for swimming during the rainy season. Moon Cave Pond is one of the most popular spots for a refreshing swim. Visitors should exercise caution while swimming, as some of the areas are deep, and the rocks can be sharp and slippery. Despite the potential risks, swimming in the unique and eerie settings of the caves is often an unforgettable experience. Show more

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