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Exploring Amazon

Discover the most fantastic and amazing animals in the largest rainforest on Earth

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The Amazon Rainforest, also known as the Amazonia or the Amazon Jungle, is the largest rainforest on Earth. Indeed, Amazon Jungle occupied the territories of six countries: Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru. Amazonia impresses by an enormous amount of rare mammals and reptiles.

The territory of Amazon rainforest is a home to Caimans, various species of Butterflies, Turtles, Frogs, Beetles, Lizards, Capybaras, different kinds of monkeys (Spider monkey, Woolly monkey, Capuchin monkey, etc.), Spiders, Snakes and many others. The best places to explore all these animals are Leticia (the largest city and the capital of the department of Amazonas), Puerto Nariño, and the Monkey Island.

While visiting Amazon Rainforest, besides the natural attractions, you can explore indigenous cultures like the Ticunas, Yucunas, and Huitotos. You can also enjoy boating and fishing on the longest river—Amazon, which is full of pink dolphins. Another good way to explore the area is to go hiking in the Amazon jungles.

The best time to discover a beauty of Amazon nature is during the low water season from July to December. What is more, it's a great chance to witness animal's mating seasons.

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