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Connecticut Renaissance Faire 2023

A world of magical merriment in Lebanon, Connecticut

Connecticut Renaissance Faire is a great occasion to travel back in time and immerse in a magical world of knights, pirates, minstrels, and Vikings. The 16th-century-themed harvest festival is held in Lebanon, Connecticut, during the weekends from early September to mid-October. Held since 1999, Connecticut Renaissance Faire boasts the largest Medieval Marketplace in New England and plenty of entertainment: comedy, thrilling acrobatics, and various performances on ten stages.

Talented performers from around the world demonstrate their unique skills during a variety of shows. The highlights include the Knighting Ceremony with King Henry and Queen Anne on the Sovereign Stage, the Armored Combat Demo by the Knights of Gore in full plate armor, and Warriors of Elysium, which engage in full-contact martial arts. The public can also enjoy Spur of the Moment Jousting, where the brightly attired knights charge into battle on their valiant steeds. The little ones can participate in Knight School and learn about the lives of knights and squires with fun and engaging activities.

The Renaissance Marketplace is a true jewel of the Faire, with dozens of merchants offering their one-of-a-kind treasures and wares: leather goods, handcrafted pewter jewelry, drinking horns, handmade soap, and much more. Food includes savory pies, giant turkey legs, pierogi and sausage, Turkish coffee, and baklava. Adults can also indulge in craft beer or local cider from the Half-Pint Pub.

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