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Bicycle Tours in Istanbul

Biking routes in Istanbul vary from peaceful rides along the seashore to extreme mud-biking in the Belgrade forest

Best time: April–October

Bicycle Tours
Bicycle Tours
Bicycle Tours

Istanbul has nearly 250 picturesque cycling routes and 12 courses winding across the two continents, along with historical city landmarks, the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, and the Marmara Sea coastline. Sightseeing on two wheels promises much more fun than mere walking and needless to say, it saves you precious time. Princes' Islands and Belgrade forest, just 15 km from Istanbul, promise cool bike adventures. Mud-biking is a special choice for extreme riders available in Belgrade forest during the rainy spring months. The biking season lasts from April to October, yet, on request, it is available year-round.

Practical info

What are some popular routes for cycling in Istanbul?

Cycling enthusiasts can choose from close to 250 picturesque routes in Istanbul, each offering a different level of difficulty. A popular trail takes riders through historical landmarks located along the Marmara Sea coastline, Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. Those seeking a more relaxed ride can take a route from the Belgrade forest or the Princes' Islands. During rainy months of spring, Belgrade forest offers mud-biking experiences that riders might find challenging. Show more

Which landmarks can you see while on a biking trip in Istanbul?

Biking in Istanbul is a great way to explore the city's historical landmarks and take in its picturesque coastline. The tour covers some of the notable landmarks like the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Hagia Sophia, along with the Grand Bazaar and the coastline of the Marmara Sea, Golden Horn, and Bosphorus Strait. Cyclists can choose from several biking routes to experience the best of Istanbul's most iconic sights. Show more

When is it best to plan a bike tour in Istanbul?

The ideal season for cycling in Istanbul is between April and October, with the best months being April to June and September to October. These months offer pleasant weather to enjoy the city's many routes without too much heat. During summer, July and August, the heat and humidity can be unbearable, and tourists may have to deal with unpleasant weather conditions. However, mud biking through the Belgrade forest is a great alternative during the rainy spring months. Show more

Can you plan a cycling tour in the Princes' Islands and Belgrade Forest?

Absolutely. The Princes' Islands and the Belgrade forest located near Istanbul offer tourists scenic and adventurous cycling tours. The cycling route through the Princes' Islands offers a relaxed and serene experience, including a ferry ride to/from Istanbul. At the same time, the Belgrade forest's mountain biking offers a 30km route with plenty of natural landscapes. Adventure enthusiasts can try the muddy tracks for mud-biking. These biking tours offer a blend of nature's beauty and historical sights. Show more

What other bike tours are available in Belgrade Forest during the spring season?

Belgrade Forest's mud-bike tour is the ideal experience for extreme riders who don't mind getting muddy while testing their skills. Visitors can also try the mountain biking trail that takes them through the 30km wooded area and offers breathtaking views of the forest. Expect a challenging muddy track that stretches up to 10km. Alternatively, those seeking a relaxed cycling tour experience can opt for the Princes' Islands, with exciting ferry rides to and from, which is perfect for taking in nature's beauty and historical landmarks. Show more

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