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Pavlova Dessert

The soft inner texture of the cake is covered with crispy crust topped with fresh fruits and whipped cream

Pavlova Dessert

Traditional New Zealand's cake Pavlova is made of meringue – the egg whites beaten with sugar. It is typically crispy from the outside and soft inside ​topped with freshly cut strawberries and kiwis and optionally also with whipped cream. The Russian-sounding name "Pavlova" is believed to have been attached to the dessert after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova had visited New Zealand in some 1920s. However, the origin of the very sweet is often argued. But despite all the remarks, the Kiwis are strongly convinced that the first recipe of Pavlova cake was invented in New Zealand. Although Pavlova may be savoured any time of the year, it is mainly popular during the summer season, especially during Christmas time, that is from late November through late December.

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