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Ciorba de Perisoare

This savoury Romanian meatball soup with spicy paprika and sour lemon juice is traditionally served at Christmas


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Romanian cuisine was influenced by various cultures, hence some dishes, like ciorba de parisoare, are considered Romanian in origin, but have equivalents in other countries. In Turkey this soup is known as çorba. This name refers to a savoury dish with pork-and-rice meatballs flavoured with paprika and lemon juice. One might find this delicious soup among other dishes on the festive Christmas table.

You can try this soup in a restaurant, but it's also easy to cook it at home. Just make sure to use greens like dill and parsley for a nice fresh taste. You can experiment with various vegetables and different kinds of meat, since every housewife has her own recipe for ciorba de parisoare.

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