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Dyess Big Country Air Fest 2023

Exciting aerobatic displays and family-friendly entertainment

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Dyess Big Country Air Fest is an annual aeronautics festival held at Abilene Regional Airport in April or May. The festival features breathtaking aerial acts as well as exciting static displays, demos, and information. Visitors will have a chance to tour the famous Dyess Air Force Base, known as America's only Lift and Strike base. Located about 7 mi southwest of Abilene, the airbase hosts the 7th Bomb Wing, assigned to the Global Strike Command Eighth Air Force.

Dyess Big Country Air Fest showcases civilian and military aircraft displays, like B-1, C-130, F-35, F-16, F-15, B-52, T-38, and much more. Highlights of the festival include top performers, such as The Golden Knights, Wings of Blue, Viper West Demo Team (F-16), b1, C-130 airdrop, and civilian aerobatic demonstrations.

Dyess Big Country Air Fest starts at about 9 am, with the opening ceremony running at 10 am. Aerial acts last from 11 am to 2 pm. Food is available on site. The festival is free for the public to attend.

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