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Monk Debates at Sera Monastery 2023-2024

Watch the Tibetian monks debate and learn the importance of this tradition

Monk Debates at Sera Monastery
Monk Debates at Sera Monastery

Each afternoon monks gather at the Sera Monastery courtyard and debate on various topics. These debates are heated, with lots of gestures and emotion. Although it may look amusing to tourists, for the monks it is an important part of their training, and usually, they talk about serious things.

Watching the monks waving their hands or even jumping in their traditional red robes can be a unique experience during your visit to Tibet. Such debates take place every day except Sunday, so it's available for visitors anytime besides February and March when obtaining a tourist permit is complicated. The duration of the debate is usually from one hour to one hour and a half. The schedule changes only due to the weather factor.

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