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Best time to visit Grand Canyon

Deer Creek Trail

Once famed gold and silver mining area is nowadays a popular hiking destination cherished for its landscapes and wildlife


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The veins of gold and silver were discovered at the mouth of Deer Creek back in 1876. The trail itself was constructed soon after that stunning revelation and has been preserved until modern days. The upper part of the route is referred to as the Thunder River Trail, and the Deer Creek Trail is the name given to the lower part.

Most hikers start their adventure at the Monument Point, and proceed to Esplanade, through Surprise Valley, Thunder River Falls, Lower Tapeats Creek, along the Colorado River to the favorite section—Deer Creek Falls, Deer Creek Narrows, and Deer Creek Patio.

From there you can continue your hike back to the Surprise Valley and the starting point. The trip both ways takes four days. If you have a spare day, you can also explore Tapeats Cave—when you reach Thunder River Falls you'll have to turn to Upper Tapeats Creek instead of Lower Tapeats Creek, and then return via the same route and move further to the Lower Tapeats.

All in all, you'll cover 42 kilometres in five days. Breathtaking landscapes, as well as local wildlife, are worth it. Grand Canyon is home to elks, mule deer, grouses, wild turkeys, mountain lions and bears, and many other. One of the most amusing species inhabiting this area is a short-horned lizard—it can shoot blood from its eyes in order to freak out its predatory enemies.

The two most appropriate seasons for hiking Deer Creek Trail are spring starting from mid-April when the snow is mostly gone, to the end of May, and also fall, from September to October, as November may bring snow. Fall is often given the preference as springs may be too wet and trails could be messy.

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