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Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival 2023

A week of riding, racing, and partying in the so-called mountain bike capital of India

Dates: October 1–17, 2023

Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival

Town of Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a famous spot which hosts a multi-day mountain bike festival. Riders from all across India and from all over the world come here to race, ride, and party! This festival consists of two iconic mountain bike races—the Himachal Downhill Trophy and Trails N Dust XC along with other types of active recreation.

In India, where the sport is relatively new, the main idea behind this festival is to outline the best riding destination with tons of riders brought together to share their riding skills, experience,s and then to chill out and party. The grand trails around this place are technical, raw, and just breathtaking. The Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival is organized by Himalayan Mountain Bike Network. The community offers all-year-round MTB races, mountain bike camps of exceptional quality, park management solutions, and bike trails.The festival also includes pre ride/post ride beers which bring riders from all across India together.

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