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Oklahoma Renaissance Festival 2023

Medieval entertainment and royal dining in a picturesque castle

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Oklahoma Renaissance Festival takes place from late April to early June at The Castle of Muskogee in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Visitors can enjoy an immersion in Medieval England of 1569 with jousting tournaments, birds of prey hunting, travelling acrobats and minstrels. The streets of the castle will feature knights in armour​ as well as performances by magicians, jugglers, musicians on 15 stages. History will unfold before your eyes as Queen Elizabeth will receive suitors seeking her hand.

Every weekend of the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival has a particular theme and activities. Queen's Tea will let visitors enjoy some time with Her Royal Majesty and her court as well as delicious snacks: sandwiches, desserts and unique brews. The Royal Luncheon in the Garden Room includes a 3-course meal, musicians, magicians, and other entertainers. There are also night time events like the Masque Ball, Pirates Feaste, and Ceilidh. King's Smoker is a play with adult jokes and songs as well as drinks, cigars, and snacks.

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