Best time to visit Romania

Cycling & Mountain Biking in Romania

The Carpathian Mountains, the wild forests of Transylvania, and rural areas provide a wonderful setting for cycling

Best time: May–mid-October

Cycling & Mountain Biking
Cycling & Mountain Biking
Cycling & Mountain Biking

The beauty of the natural landscapes of Romania is perfect for biking. The most stunning trails run through the Carpathian Mountains, Transylvanian forests full of game, and serene rural paths. One can even cycle through medieval Saxon towns and villages with fortified churches, castles, and traditional wooden architecture or ride along the mighty Danube across its lush delta vegetation. Due to the weather conditions, Romanian hills, prairies​, marshes, and mountains are mostly explored by cyclists from early May through mid-October.

Practical info

What are popular trails for mountain biking in Romania?

Mountain bikers flock to Romania’s Carpathian Mountains to experience natural surroundings, forests, and local communities. Sinaia, Ciucas, Bucegi, Fagaras, Apuseni, and Bran mountains are popular trails across exquisite nature reserves and rural locations. Biking through Bukovina's cultural sites and painted monasteries is an experience that visitors shouldn't miss. Show more

Where can I find bike rentals in Romania?

Romania’s local bike shops provide guiding services and bike rentals. In the city center of Bucharest, and Sinaia or Brasov, visitors can access trusted bike rentals at several reputable shops. Offices such as ‘Active Holidays’ and ‘Outdoor Adventure’ may assist renters with equipment, maps, and guides for biking through the mountains, back roads, and trails. Show more

What is the best time for cycling in the Carpathian Mountains?

May to October is the ideal time for biking in Romania due to favorable temperatures ranging from 15℃-25℃, low precipitation rates, and clear skies. Autumn may have more unpredictable weather patterns requiring specialized gear for high altitudes. It is essential to check the weather forecast before beginning your ride. Show more

How difficult are cycling routes in Transylvania?

The difficulty of cycling routes depends on a rider’s pertinent skills and experience level. For experienced bikers, the Carpathian Mountains provide rigorous terrain. Suitable routes are also available for all fitness levels, from two hours to three days. diverse natural surroundings and a multitude of differing routes make Transylvania an optimal location for any biker. Show more

What bike tour options are suggested in Romania?

Many bike tours are available in Romania for both novice and professional riders. Two of the most popular ones include cycling the fortified Saxon Villages and Transylvania and the Danube Delta. The ‘Balea Lake’ offers extensive extreme options, like the one-day Downhill biking trip. Along with Rocky paths, forests, mountains, this is an adventure that should not be forgotten. Show more

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