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Tennessee Medieval Faire 2023

Jousting tournaments, warriors' chess matches, and other entertainment

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Tennessee Medieval Faire is an annual Renaissance fair held in Harrison, Tennessee, during the first three weekends of October. The magical world features several stages of continuous entertainment, the medieval market with skilled artisans and handmade crafts, and much more to explore. The crowd of colorful villagers includes folk dancers, minstrels, noble knights, and peasants. The award-winning Tennessee Medieval Faire has been held since 2015 and was previously known as the East Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

Robin Hood-inspired characters, jousting tournaments, warriors' chess matches, comedy stage shows, and Celtic music awaits attendees, who travel back in time to the Age of Chivalry. Tennessee Medieval Faire pays tribute to the year 500 AD, when young King Arthur took the throne to unify Britons. However, he faced rebellious Pictish tribes, which challenged Arthur's rule. The king decided to host a Grand Faire and Tournament and invited Pictish neighbors for a friendly competition.

Attendees of the faire are encouraged to dress up in costumes and participate in the costume contest with prizes. Activities include plenty of medieval games for all ages. Vendors also offer many delicious foods, such as turkey legs. The faire runs from 11 am to 6 pm.

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