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Cadillac Ranch

Anyone with a can of spray paint can come and leave a short message or paint on these cars. This is the best place to write "I was here!"​


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If you want to get into the atmosphere of roadside Americana, you have to visit this place. Created as a public art installation in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez, and Doug Michels, Cadillac Ranch has attracted lots of tourists and people passing by who stop here to leave a message, write a name, or create a real masterpiece. This installation consists of 10 old used or junk Cadillac automobiles, which represent the car's evolution from 1949 to 1963. They are half-buried nose-first in the ground.

At first, the cars were located in a wheat field, but in 1997 they were relocated three kilometres to the west, to a cow pasture. This was done in order to place the installation farther from the growing city limits. Originally, the cars displayed their own paint colours – turquoise, yellow, gold, and blue, but as soon as the project was completed, there were already people's names on it. Since that time visitors are encouraged to paint or write on the cadillacs, making them even more interesting and unique. This place is beloved by graffiti artists. When you plan your visit, it's better to avoid summer when the temperature will likely be over 30 °C.

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