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Trykraty Forest in Ukraine

Enjoy a wondrous lush maze amidst the arid Ukrainian steppe

Best time: April–September

Trykratskyy Lis, or Trykraty Forest, is a beautiful gem in the arid climate of Mykolaiv Oblast in southern Ukraine. This manufactured oasis in the middle of steppe is famous for its unique flora and fauna, but most of all for its multiple paths, winding across the bridges over the Arbuzynka River. Hence, the 610 acres (247 ha) forest is also called a maze. But you won't get lost there, since all routes are marked up. An interesting fact about Trykratskyy Lis is it never sees a true winter—grass and flowers somehow manage to stay throughout the seasons. Still, we recommend visiting the forest in summer to behold all the greenery. After all, the period between April and September offers the most amiable weather.

Trykraty Forest was founded in the middle of the 19th century by Viktor Skarzhynskyi, a county and military veteran, whose main attempt was to impress his wife. Following the tips of local peasants, he planted his favorite oaks in the lowlands and acacias a bit higher so that the latter produced the shadows essential for other vegetation to survive droughts. Today, the forest boasts an alley of about 350 old oaks and also a birch grove. Besides, the area features 230 fruit trees, 370 acres (150 ha) of mulberry plantations, and 250 acres (100 ha) of vineyards. As a part of the Buzkyi Hard natural preserve, Trykratskyy Lis is also home to rich wildlife, including a colony of grey herons, bisons, wild boars, deer, fallow deer, and roe deer.

You can reach Trykraty Forest from Trykraty village. If you don't have a car, take a bus or cab from Voznesensk. The easiest way to get to Voznesensk is by train. At least two hours is essential to explore the forest maze with its springs, ponds, and miniature waterfalls. If you fancy legends and storytelling, we highly recommend taking a guide. Also, consider reserving two days to discover more wonderful places nearby, namely the canyons of Aktove, Arbuzynka, and Petropavlivka. Lastly, regarding your stay, you might opt for camping or book accommodations in the vicinity.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Trykraty Forest?

The period between April and September is the ideal time for visitors to explore Trykraty Forest. The forest's lush green maze and moderate weather make for an enjoyable experience. A multitude of paths is available to visitors, leading them through the forest's 350 old oaks, mulberry plantations, and birch groves. One can also witness Trykraty's unique fauna, including grey herons, bisons, wild boars, deer, fallow deer, and roe deer. Show more

What is the unique feature of Trykraty Forest's weather?

Despite the arid climate of Mykolaiv Oblast, Trykraty Forest manages to stay green throughout the year. Visitors can witness a unique flora and fauna, including a colony of grey herons, bisons, wild boars, deer, fallow deer, and roe deer. The forest spans over 350 old oaks, 150 hectares of mulberry plantations, and 230 fruit trees. The area is also a part of Buzkyi Hard nature preserve, thus supporting rich wildlife. Show more

What flora and fauna can be found in Trykraty Forest?

In addition to various flora and fauna, Trykraty Forest features a colony of grey herons, bisons, wild boars, deer, fallow deer, and roe deer. One can traverse across the forest's 350 old oaks, 150 hectares of mulberry plantations, and 230 fruit trees while enjoying the scenery. The forest's breathtaking beauty is due to its location in the Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine, making it home to a unique flora and fauna and a wide selection of wildlife. Show more

How can visitors reach Trykraty Forest from Voznesensk?

Visitors can reach Trykraty village from Voznesensk by bus or cab, and from there, visitors can explore the forest maze. Visitors without personal vehicles can take public transportation to Voznesensk and then opt for local transportation. Trykraty forest has a spring, ponds, and miniature waterfalls that visitors can explore and bathe under the sun at. Alluring greenery surrounds the entire area, making the visit worth it. Show more

Are there other nearby attractions in addition to the forest?

The Arbuzynka, Aktove, and Petropavlivka canyons are some of Trykraty Forest's nearby attractions that visitors can check out. The canyons feature breathtaking landscapes and scenic views that are memorable and exhilarating. Visitors can extend their stay in campsites inside or around the forest area, or they can choose to book nearby accommodations, making their experience even more enjoyable and fulfilling. Reserving two days to visit the area could be a good option for a comprehensive experience and better appreciation of nature. Show more

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