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Best time to visit Utah


One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to explore the beauty of winter landscapes

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Snowshoeing is a perfect activity for those who adore winter sceneries and like walking on snow. Most of Utah's ski resorts have trails for snowshoers, which are perfect for beginners. The northern part of the state offers the wide range of snowshoe trails that feature great sceneries. The canyons along Wasatch Front, starting from Ogden and to the Spanish Fork offer some of the best opportunities for this winter activity.

The White Pine Trail in the Little Cottonwood Canyon is usually packed with snowshoers, skiers, and even sledders. Further, the road gets a little bit more complicated and steep. The trail may take you to the Red Pine Lake or can continue to the Maybird Gulch.

Bryce Canyon National Park with its magical snow-covered landscapes attracts lots of snowshoers. The Fairyland Point road is closed in winter. Thus snowshoeing is the only way to get to that spot and marvel at the view.

If you are looking for some longer trails, the road to Kessler Peak at Big Cottonwood Canyon will take you to the real adventure. At the height of over 3 km above sea level, you'll get one of the most unforgettable views. This trail is for those with great snowshoeing experience. It is quite difficult and needs special techniques.

The Mule Shoe Trail in the North Fork Park in Ogden guides the walkers along gorgeous forests and silent meadows with amazing views of the mountain range. The trail is 8 km long. Provo Canyon has around 10 km of different trails for snowshoers. The Sundance Nordic Center provides visitors with all the needed facilities and avalanche control practices to keep them safe and satisfied. Among other popular places to go snowshoeing you can find Millcreek Canyon, East Canyon, Uinta Mountains, and Fish Lake.

On the highest elevations of Utah, the first snow may fall as early as September and may remain there until May or even early June. Still, normally the peak of the snow season in Utah overall last from November through March. Remember, no matter where you go, always check the weather and avalanche conditions beforehand.

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