Best time to visit Vienna

Vienna Bike Tours

Explore the city's numerous architectural wonders on two wheels

Best time: April–October

Vienna Bike Tours
Vienna Bike Tours
Vienna Bike Tours

If it's your first time in Vienna, a morning bike tour is a great idea since it will let you see all the major attractions and landmarks in just a few hours.

You will pass through Ringstrasse, visit the oldest amusement park at Vienna Prater, Stadtpark with the Johann Strauss Monument, and the Danube. You will explore the city centre—the Vienna State Opera, Stephansdom, Heldenplatz, Hofburg, Parliament Building, City Hall, Burgtheater, Schottenkirche, and much more.

You can opt for a nostalgic bike or mountain bike and continue your tour on the outskirts of the city at numerous vineyards. Guided bike tours usually run between April and October.

Practical info

What is the best time of year to join bike tours in Vienna?

Vienna is best explored on bike from April to October when the weather is comfortable and the days are longer. During this time, most bike tour companies offer daily group tours and private tours that start in the morning and last about three hours. The winter season is not recommended because of frigid temperatures and snow-covered streets. Show more

For how long does a typical morning bike tour last in Vienna?

The duration of most morning bike tours in Vienna is about three hours. This allows for covering both the city center and outskirts, including attractions such as the Vienna State Opera, Stadtpark, Vienna Prater, Danube, Stephan's Cathedral, Ringstrasse, Heldenplatz, the Schottenkirche, Burgtheater, City Hall, Hofburg Palace and Parliament Building. Private tours are also available for guests who would like a more customized itinerary of attractions to visit. Show more

Which famous landmarks and attractions will visitors get to see during a Vienna bike tour?

Vienna bike tours cover major landmarks and attractions such as the Vienna State Opera, Stadtpark, Vienna Prater, Danube, Johann Strauss Monument, Stephansdom Cathedral, Ringstrasse, Heldenplatz, Hofburg Palace, Burgtheater, City Hall, and Schottenkirche. Visitors will also enjoy the beautiful vineyards and wineries located in the city's outskirts while having their photos taken and learning more about the city's arts, music, and rich history from their knowledgeable guide. Show more

Is there a minimum age for participants in the bike tours?

Most bike tour companies in Vienna do not have age restrictions. However, they expect participants to have good bike-riding abilities and to wear a helmet. As for children below the age of 14, they must be accompanied by adults, and some tours might impose age limits due to safety reasons. It is best to check with the tour company first before making any reservations. Show more

Are there any options for visitors who wish to extend their tour beyond the city?

There are some options available for visitors who want to continue their bike tour beyond Vienna's city center. Some bike tour companies offer customized tours that will take guests to Vienna Woods, Wine Country, and the Danube River. These tours last between six and eight hours and offer a perfect opportunity to experience Austria's enchanting countryside beauty while relishing in the region's culinary and wine culture. Alternatively, visitors can ride a rented bike and explore the outskirts of the city on their own. Show more

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