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Best time to visit Alaska

Chilkoot Trail Hiking

Follow the path of prospectors and enjoy picturesque views of Alaskan nature


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The 53-kilometer Chilkoot Trail runs through the Coastal Mountains from Dyea, Alaska, in the United States, to Bennett, British Columbia, in Canada. During the Klondike gold rush, numerous gold-seekers overcame this difficult but beautiful trail on the way to their dreams. Nowadays it also attracts many backpackers.

The Chilkoot trail is considered a very popular destination for tourists. The delightful wild nature, old coniferous forests, rapid rivers, and snowy mountains make this place an excellent destination for hiking. Locals and experienced hikers recommend that the best months to make your trip are July and August​, because of the favourable​ weather conditions and relatively warm temperature. So if you kee​n o​n such activities, pack your backpack, take a tent, and get ready for adventures! ​

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