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Cycling in Estonia

Feel free and relaxed while cycling among the natural beauty of Estonia

Best time: May–October


Cycling in Estonia is becoming more and more comfortable. Now you can find signed bicycle routes, online maps, and information boards along the way. Lots of rentals and repair shops are also available. In addition to the beautiful nature, the topography of Estonia is perfect for cycling.

The variety of scenery is incredible: hilly roads in the south, wet bogs, Baltic Sea coasts to the north, islands to the west, and the cultural and historical locales in the centre. While enjoying the beauty of forest, lakes, and hills you can easily meet deer, elk, boar, fox and other wild animals along the path. Singing birds can be heard everywhere as well—especially when you plan your route through the National parks, like Soomaa or Lahemaa.

While cycling along the coasts you may even see seals lounging among the islands. Cycling in Estonia is quite calm and relaxing. This is not the place for those looking for extreme tracks or a quick change of surroundings. The best time to cycle here is from May to October, when there is no snow or ice on the roads.

Practical info

When is the best time to cycle in Estonia?

Cycling in Estonia is ideal from May until October when the road is not slippery due to snowfall or ice. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and you can relish the beauty of nature. The spring season in May brings with it a lovely floral display, while the forests and fields get painted in different hues throughout autumn. Show more

What kind of landscapes can be seen while cycling?

The geographical diversity of Estonia means that you get to experience a wide range of landscapes while cycling. The southern part of the country offers hilly terrain while the north coast is lined by the Baltic Sea. The west offers an archipelago of islands, and other regions have wetlands, forests, and hills. The place is buzzing with birds, and if you traverse through National parks, you may even get to witness some wild creatures such as foxes, seals, wild boar, elks, and deer. Show more

Are there cycling rentals available, and how easy is it to rent a bike?

You can find many bike rental offerings throughout Estonia, so renting a bike is easy. You can choose from a wide variety of bicycles like e-bikes, tandems, cargo bikes, and mountain bikes. The rental rates are based on the duration of rentals and the type of bike. Some rental companies offer guided tours, picnic services or provide repair services in case of any damages while renting. Specialized bike types can also be rented depending on availability. Show more

Is it common to see wild animals along the cycling paths?

Wild animals are common sightings while cycling in Estonia, especially in the National parks such as Soomaa and Lahemaa. Wild species like deer, elk, boar, and foxes, are known to roam these areas. Safe distancing is highly recommended, and respect should be given to their habitats. Regulations and safety norms are posted along cycling paths to prevent potential problems. Show more

Are there any specific areas or national parks that are recommended for cycling?

Some suggested biking areas in Estonia include Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Hiiumaa, and Saaremaa Island. Estonia's National Parks offer different experiences like cycling through forests, bogs, lakes, and rivers. Besides those mentioned earlier, Matsalu National Park and Karula National Park are also famous for their natural beauty, vibrant bird watching tours, enriched historical and cultural heritage, and unique stays. Show more

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