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Florida Renaissance Festival 2023

Dress up as your favorite knight or lady and travel back in time


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Florida has a rich history with famous pirates commanding there during Medieval times. So naturally, it hosts many medieval fairs and festivals. Visitors have a chance to see jousting tournaments, listen to some folklore music and try out some old-fashioned cuisine. You can travel back in time to the 16th Century while visiting the Florida Renaissance Festival, which is held annually in Quiet Waters Park. The festival has more than 20 years of history. Over 100 artists and artisans selling their works, while over 100 performers entertain the crowds. There is also Kid's Kingdom,—an enchanted playground just for kids of all ages.

In addition to a large selection of performers and artisan vendors, the festival features jugglers, guided village tours, music from Celtic Mayhem, and there are also many special events. Medieval food from around the world is available —there are various pies available such as the traditional English shepherd's pie.

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