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Best time to travel to Glacier National Park, MT

Bowman Lake

Get off the beaten track and explore the hidden gem of the Glacier National Park


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One of the less popular but not less beautiful Glacier National Park water bodies, Bowman Lake is located in the park's northwestern section, near the town of Polebridge. Bowman Lake is the third-largest in the Glacier, occupying 1,706 acres (690 ha). The lake is long and narrow, stretching for 8 miles (13 km) while being approximately one mile wide, with breathtaking views in all directions. The best time for hiking and camping near the lake is from May through October. Fall months offer the best views due to the scenic fall foliage season.

Bowman Lake is frequently visited by fishermen, kayakers, and canoers. To explore the area further, stay overnight at Bowman Lake Campground. Located next to the shore of Bowman Lake, campsites are shaded with trees, providing plenty of privacy and isolation.

Bowman Lake trails

Hikers can explore the lake via the Bowman Lake Trail, which begins at the northeast corner of the campground. The 6.7-mile (10-km) trail goes from Bowman Lake Campground to Brown Pass and Continental Divide. Another scenic trail goes from Bowman Lake to Quartz Lake. This is a 12.8 mile (20-km) loop trail that partly goes through the forest. The trailhead is located on the southern part of Bowman Lake beach. Hikers will be rewarded with stunning views of not just one but three Quartz Lakes!

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