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Grand Canyon IMAX Movie

Extreme weather and cancelled tours is not a problem when there's the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater


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Indeed, the weather in the Grand Canyon is unpredictable, and most activities are weather permitted. But even if your tour was cancelled, it's not a disaster. Take your chance to watch a movie in the Grand Canyon IMAX Theater. Moreover, the digital journey through the twisting 277-mile or 455-km of the canyon is likely to rival the real-life experience. You'll get exposed to a huge six-storey screen, the shaking floor beneath, and roaring water sounds will make you feel as if you were inside the canyon.

All in all, in slightly more than half an hour, you'll see the entire history of the canyon and mankind. At last, you'll have the opportunity to observe the fantastic landscape from the condor's perspective while flying over the canyon without leaving your theatre seat. There's no better way to have a closer and deeper look at the canyon and its ancient history. So this is a must-do experience whenever you visit this wonder of the world.

The IMAX Theater operates all year round. In the season of monsoons, mid-June to mid-September, it works as a great remedy and compensation for cancelled trips, while in good weather it's also a nice complement to your overall Grand Canyon experience.

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